Sociology of Islam

Sociology of Islam

Author: Jakir Al- Faruki.

About the Book

Sociology of Islam is a book all about sociological analysis of Islam as part of Sociology of religion, not about theology at all. It is an academic endeavor for the students, educators and researcher of comparative religion, sociology of religion, philosophy of religion and above all, people with interest in sociological study of Islam.

This study attempts to explain Islam from the theoretical perspective of functionalism and rationalization. In the broader standpoint the book presents social structure of Islam as a system of belief and system of social interaction. The system of belief give birth the value system which constructs the whole enduring and dynamic relationship among the Muslims themselves as well as other religious communities. In addition, these two systems engender system of teaching, system of rituals and system of interaction which regulate and at the same time, mobilize the historical advancement of Muslim society.

This book expectedly helps the readers to comprehend and identifying the core idea of social structure of Islam and Muslim society and the dynamics of historical progress of the second largest believers’ community over the earth.

About the Author
Muhammad Jakir Al Faruki is serving as associate professor of sociology in Government Rajshahi College by qualifying through 22nd Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) in 2003. He born in Pangsha Upazilla of Rajbari district and graduated from University of Rajshahi in sociology with honors in 1993 and He Masters in the same alma-mater in the same discipline in 1994.
He also completed research degree of M Phil in 2012 from the same university and pursued his PhD degree from Jahangir University, Bangladesh. As a member of a government project he completed a long course on master trainers training on education in the University of Nottingham, Malaysia in 2018-2019.
Mr. Faruki is specialized in Sociology of Religion, Political Sociology, Modern Sociological Theory, Sociology of Development, Social Change and Sociology of Education. He published five books (both in English and Bangla) so far namely: 1) Sociology of Development (2005, in Bangla); 2) Social Change (2007, in Bangla); 3) Socilogy of Religion (2009, in Bangla); 4) Political Sociology (2019, in Bangla); 5) Sociology of Islam (current book, 2020, in English); Two chapters in books: 1) Social Stratification in Bangladesh (2012, in Bangla); 2) Farming Village in Transition: A Case Study of a Bangladeshi Village (2013, Based on Case Study Research, in English).
Mr Faruki also published eleven articles in international journals covering Sociology of Islam, Sociology of Religion, Secularism, Sociology of Education, Local Government, Political Culture, Learning Theories and Practices. He is an expert of education policy, education theory, education administration and classroom instructions.