Bangladesh Studies

The Bangladesh Studies’ book has been written as a text book for the two courses: “Bangladesh Studies” and “History of the Independence of Bangladesh”, which are being taught at undergraduate level in different public and private universities of Bangladesh.


It provides a comprehensive and analytical study of historical developments of Bangladesh regarding its socio-economic, political and cultural avenues since pre-historic age until the independence of the country in 1971.


The book also includes the geographical study of Bangladesh with ethnicity and composition of her population. The study of modern Bangladesh such as analysis of different political regimes after 1971, constitutional development, different dimensions of the foreign policies and international relations of Bangladesh, have also been detailed in this Book.


The book will, undoubtedly, enrich the learners with a complete and comprehensive understanding of Bangladesh, which will, in turn, make them conscious about different issues related to historical, political, social, cultural and economic aspects of the country and help them to be a patriot and good citizen. The inquisitive readers of the history and society of Bangladesh will also significantly be benefited with the study of this book.


Name of Authors Md. Thowhidul Islam, Md. Enayet Ullah Patwary & Md. Cholem Ullah.

ISBN 978-984-35-2124-8.

Total Pages 355.

Price Tk. 600.