Effective Teaching Learning

Effective Teaching Learning, this book will serve as a helpful learning manual for undergraduate and PG students preparing for DTE, BSCTE BEd, PGDTE, MSCTE, MEd or any other equivalent examination in teaching methodologies or any other related subspecialty.


This volume of effective teaching learning presents much factual material and scientific foundational principles to help students of education and teachers to develop knowledge, skill, and problem-solving attitude towards the numerous facets of education. Good students are those who learn. Whatever their preconceptions, barriers or deficits, whatever their story, they take new information and new experiences, and to the best of their ability, make them tools for transforming themselves and their world.


And an effective teacher is someone who can recognize and connect with good students, in all their forms. The book starts with an introductory chapter that defines the field of teaching learning and presents some of its applications to the task of the educator, conceptual clarity is aided by tables and figures, while chapter-end summaries, relevant references, questions, suggested activities with learning methods, exercises and internet resources encourage further study and discussion:


Md Abu Raihan, PhD is a Professor of Technical Education, Faculty of Science and Technical Education, currently working as Head of the Department of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) of IUT, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Md Abu Raihan has 70 research articles published in various Journals and in Conference Proceedings.