Sociology of Islam

Sociology of Islam is a book all about sociological analysis of Islam as part of Sociology of religion, not about theology at all. It is an academic endeavor for the students, educators and researcher of comparative religion, sociology of religion, philosophy of religion and above all, people with interest in sociological study of Islam.


This study attempts to explain Islam from the theoretical perspective of functionalism and rationalization. In the broader standpoint the book presents social structure of Islam as a system of belief and system of social interaction. The system of belief give birth the value system which constructs the whole enduring and dynamic relationship among the Muslims themselves as well as other religious communities. In addition, these two systems engender system of teaching, system of rituals and system of interaction which regulate and at the same time, mobilize the historical advancement of Muslim society.


This book expectedly helps the readers to comprehend and identifying the core idea of social structure of Islam and Muslim society and the dynamics of historical progress of the second largest believers’ community over the earth.