Inclusive Development

Inclusive Development in Emerging and Frontier Asian Economies, this new title is the latest addition to the list of works so far completed by the author.


Being an ardent observer of development economics for over half a century (1965-2018), Pramanik enjoys the unique privilege of observing the strengths and weaknesses of all the theories of development propounded by the committed scholars including Nobel Laureates and award winners together with many other independent thinkers involved in the institutions of higher learning.


Based on the partial success or failure the development of strategies/theories, Pramanik came up with a strong case for Inclusive Development where no economic agent/stakeholder worth-mentioning will be ignored or by-passed. According to Pramanik, the real beneficiaries of diverse economic activities should include the people of small means and the most under-privileged women in the society.


Pramanik is a critic of the class biased development strategies with disastrous implications for revolutionary changes. He strongly advocates for the pursuit of social development to materialize the goal of distribution-oriented inclusive development based on justice for all.