Labour and Industrial Laws of Bangladesh

This is perhaps the first book on Labor and Industrial Laws of Bangladesh considering labor issues as well as Islamic insights related to those matters. This book encompasses a wide range of subject matter in relation to labor standards, welfare as well as the industrial and working environment.


It arranges every chapter in a simple and easily understandable manner by incorporating headings and sub-headings with chronology and coherence of the theme while bearing in mind the needs of the students, as labor law is one of the core courses of law and social work department at the undergraduate or postgraduate level of all universities in Bangladesh. Therefore, students, researchers, law practitioners, and labor administrators may be able to learn essential knowledge from the book, while lessons from Islamic perspectives will serves an additional opportunity.


The aim of this book is to provide knowledge about labor issues in accordance with traditional and Islamic precepts. Furthermore, by this work, the authors would like to contribute to the Muslim Ummah as a whole and Muslim policymakers in particular and are also seeking mercy as well as the pleasure of the almighty Allah (s.w.t) both here and here after.