Mohammad Shahadat Hossain

Mohammad Shahadat Hossain was born on 2nd February 1984 and is currently serving as Assistant Professor in the Department of Law of Bangladesh Islami University, Dhaka. Mr. Hossain completed a Bachelor of Laws LL. B (Hons) and Master of Laws (LLM) from Eastern University, Dhaka.

He has recently pursued a Master of Comparative Law (MCL) degree from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He started his career as a faculty member in the Department of Law of Bangladesh Islami University (BIU) from the year 2009.

He has one book and 30 articles published in national and international journals and 14 paper presentations in international conferences held at different destinations. Mr. Hossain is interested in criminology and criminal justice, employment law, international human rights law, human trafficking law, refugee law, and Islamic law.