Philosophy of legal theories

Philosophy of Legal Theories

Author: Prof. Dr. Md. Maimul Ahsan Khan.

About the Book

Legal philosophy is one of the oldest disciplines of human quest for deeper understanding of how to define relationship between legal studies and other disciples of social, economic, cultural studies in particular and behavioral sciences in general.

In the twenty-first century most of the studies have become either too mechanical or commercial that has harden human heads and hearts to become concern about the greater causes of humanity, morality, ethical values and serious environmental issues of global and regional degradations. Like Mathematical sciences, in the past, Laws were like very hard and fast rules for all with a very few exceptions.

Imperial powers and National Statehoods have changed that all and narrow-based disciplinary studies have undermined and/or underestimated the values and importance of legal studies in different philosophical perspectives. Western and typical capitalistic legal perceptions are in deep crisis along with the most hunted and defeated communist philosophy of legal and moral dynamics.

CHINESE Communist leadership claims that it has invented a new legal philosophy based on Marxist Ideology with Asian Characteristics. Muslims in general don’t agree with the major paradigms of Western or Communist legal philosophy and tend to present their own theories of Jurisprudence, Legal Theories and philosophical discourses of this vital area of human knowledge and perceptions based on both revealed sciences and branches of knowledge acquired by societal endeavors and experiences.

This book on Legal Philosophy is a serious and comprehensive attempt to juxtapose and compare all kinds of legal philosophical throes and their application in administering justice systems under different regimes in brief and in one volume.
About the Author

Prof. Dr. Maimul Ahsan Khan (MAK) was awared with a PhD in Jurisprudence by the Soviet Academy of Sciences in 1985. MAK is an accomplished and innovative author and law professor specializing in Jurisprudence, Islamic Law, International Commercial Law, Islam and Muslim Culture, Political Science, Human Rights, and Middle Eastern, Central and South Asian Studies.

MAK has published a good number of books (about two dozens) and numerous research articles in three different languages – English, Russian, and Bengali published from the former Soviet Republics, UK., U.S.A., Malaysia, Turkey and Bangladesh. He is a former Chair of Law (University of Dhaka), and the Department of Law and Shari’ah (Islamic University-Gazipur).

As a Professor of Law and Fulbright Fellow, MAIMUL AHSAN KHAN, has served as a visiting professor of law to a number of American (UIUC-Law, UC-Davis-Berkeley), Technical University of Liberace-Czech Republic, Maleksha University of Turkey, Imam Khomeini International University and Bangladeshi universities, including DU, GUB, Maritime University, and many others.

MAK has served to the Amnesty International-USA (Country Specialist on Afghanistan 2000-06), Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies, UK-based Islamic Foundation in Leicester. Prof. Khan has contributed to many Soviet, Iranian, Turkish, Czech, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Japanese, and American academic institutions and circles with a distinct voice of protest against all kinds of injustices.

MAK successfully challenged the long-lasting Soviet communist beliefs that Islam was dead and Muslims had no future at world stage as civilization-builders, and MAK successfully demonstrated in his research that Islam was alive all over the world, and Islamic Legal Doctrines and Muslim cultural nuances are not of same nature.

MAK authored titles such as Human Rights in the Muslim World, International Institutional Law, Legal Theories, Rohinga Refugees, Islamic Finance and Arab Spring and many others available on, google, wikipedia and MAK has translated the book of late American Professor L. Ziring titled, BD: An Interpretative History.