Book Publication Festival 2023

The Academia Publishing House Limited (APL) at Dhaka University held a book launching ceremony for the book ‘Ain Ainsorbosshota ebong Songsker: Mullobodhmukhi Islami Chintadhara’ by Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq. The book publication festival was held at the R C Majumder Arts Auditorium of Dhaka University campus on August 25, 2023.

Professor Dr. Abul Hasan Muhammad Sadek, Founder Vice Chancellor of the Asian University of Bangladesh, was present as chief guest at the ceremony of APL. He along with other guests uncovered the book ‘Ain Ainsorbosshota ebong Songsker: Mullobodhmukhi Islami Chintadhara’.

He said, Academia Publishing House is publishing good books, they deserve to be thanked for that, I say thanks. The author has shown great courage. I thank the author – for his studies, for his interest in Islam. The author’s intention is honest. This book is not for the general public. Reading this book may cause to create confusion among common people.

In the opening speech, Dr. M. Abdul Aziz, Managing Director of APL highlights the mission, vision, aims, and objectives of the publication house. He said, APL aims to produce and publish the textbooks and reference books from primary to university level of education. APL has been publishing creative and thoughtful academic books. APL’s publications are steadily increasing.

Dr. Aziz said that, without reading books, the nation becomes mentally bankrupt and poor. Between 500,000 to 1000,000 books are published annually worldwide. And if you take the books of privately published authors, it is about 40 lakhs. Every day 1000 new books are uploaded on Amazon that means 3 lakh 65 thousand books a year.

Sheikh Dr. Nazrul Islam Al Maruf Al Madani, Principal of the Mohakhali Darul Ulum Hosainia Kamil Madrasah, opined that, thoughts on crooked paths lead away from the path of Allah. We are grateful to the author for undertaking such a research without being a madrasah-educated scholar. The author propagates the thought or writes his own analysis; authors may make mistakes; but he must try to be accurate. Writers and readers need to change their perspective. You have the right to observe. You can do research. This book should be read by scholars and researchers.

Professor Dr. Zubair Mohammad Ehsanul Hoque, Chairman of the Department of Arabic, University of Dhaka, said that, I congratulate Dr. Omar Farooq for gifting this original book. Everyone should read this book. The book may reach only the targeted readers without reaching all types of readers. This book is an admirable work on the main sources of Islamic law (Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyas). This book is a valuable addition to the literature of Islamic Law and Usule Fiqh. Even if you do not agree with any of his views, readers will definitely benefit from reading this book.

Professor Dr. Nakib Muhammad Nasrullah, Department of Law, University of Dhaka, opined that, the author will get the opportunity to enrich the book in the next edition from the discussions of the learned discussants. The book ‘Toward Our Reformation from Legalism to Value-oriented Islamic Law and Jurisprudence’ was published in USA. By legalism we mean legal absolutism. If you write it will be wrong, if you don’t write it will not be wrong. Modern law and Islamic law are supportive to each other.

Dr. A Q M Abdus Shakur Khandoker, Former Professor of the Institute of Modern Languages, University of Dhaka and Press Consultant of Saudi Embassy said that, we welcome this book. There is nothing in the Quran to say Ain-sorboshota, there is only Allah-sorboshota. In my opinion this book should have been titled ‘Shariat, Fiqh and Usule Fiqh’. The author is heavily influenced by the West. He gave much importance to the thought and opinion of the West. But Islam is above all ideologies, no religion-ideology is above Islam.

Poet Musa Al Hafiz, researcher, thinker and columnist said that, the book written by Omar Farooq sir is very important. The discussions in this book seem new to me, those are advanced in thought and knowledge; are also ready to listen to his opposite opinion. Thanks to APL for publishing this excellent book. This is definitely one of the better books. Each chapter of the book needs to be reviewed separately. It can be called an anti-thesis, but not a synthesis.

The author of the book Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq, former professor of Gulf University of Bahrain, said that, the main content of the book is reformation. But not the reformation of Islam, because Islam does not need reformation. There is a need to reform the traditional ideas, customs and behavior of Muslims. At the root of the troubled state of the Muslim Ummah is widespread ignorance and negligence of the fundamental values of Islam. The book presents a value-oriented approach.

He also said that, the current situation in the Muslim world cannot be expected to change until there is a proper evaluation and reformation of Muslim thought and understanding in the light of the Qur’an and Prophetic traditions on the fundamental sources of Islam. The publication of this book has been made possible by the encouragement, cooperation, contribution and advice of those scholars. may Allah Ta’ala bestow immense mercy and blessings in their lives. However, everything presented in this book is my responsibility. I seek forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala for any mistake in this work and thank Allah Ta’ala if the work is relevant and valuable. If you like reading the book, pray for me. If you don’t like it, pray. Please let me know if there are any errors.

Professor Dr. Anisuzzaman, Vice Chancellor of the Global University Bangladesh; Md. Solaiman Mia, Director of APL; Anisur Rahman Ershad, Coordinator of APL were present at the ceremony. Dr. Syed Shahid Ahmed, Senior Assistant Director of APL, moderated the program. Hundreds of men and women, members of the APL family participated in the event, including various teachers, educationist, students, professionals and higher officials from different institutions.